My journey to low tox and low waste living

From CURIOSITY to career.

In 2015, I randomly came across an eco-fair at a nearby park and grabbed a seat during one of the talks. The speaker was none other than Therese Kerr, Miranda Kerr's mother, who has her own natural beauty line. She was so incredibly passionate about low tox living and knowledgeable about the science and research behind it that it left a huge impact on me.

I'd already started dabbling in eastern health philosophies after encountering my own health concerns, unsatisfied with the western approach. Learning about low tox living aligned with what I was already beginning to learn that health is holistic.

By 2017, my cousin and a few people I followed on Instagram altered me to the growing concern of waste and sustainability. These little bite sized bits of information on Instagram got me curious and made it easy to take in a bit at a time. This same year I watched Blue, an Australian documentary and things instantly changed. I could no longer ignore the amount of waste I was producing, particularly single-use plastic, and very slowly began to graduate my lifestyle to a more sustainable and low tox one.

The more I learnt about sustainability and waste the more fascinated I became. I found that the simpler I lived, with fewer things, but things I truly loved and used, the happier I became. I discovered you could live a wholesome holistic lifestyle and still have luxuries and beautiful items aka holistic luxe living.

In 2018 I decided to take a huge leap of faith and turn my passion into my career. I resigned from my job, leaving 10 years of working in marketing within the fashion industry and more recently working with social media influencers and content creators for global beauty and lifestyle brands. I was flying overseas for work and managing a global team for an agency seriously on the rise. But I've always believed that life's too short to not do what you're absolutely passionate about.

So I took the plunge and in 2019 I’ve started a master of Sustainability at the University of Sydney. For now, I'm soaking in all the information I can and hopefully sharing a fair bit of what I learn with you here. I'm not sure where this is going to take me, but I'm sure excited to go on the ride.


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On a personal note..

Hi I’m Monique, I live in Sydney with my husband and our two ever so cute rescue cats. At other points in my life have lived in the UK & the US with a very short stint in Japan all of which have shaped who I am today and my view of the world.

I’m a chai tea lover and have the sweetest tooth, a huge contradiction to the very healthy lifestyle I’ve adopted but it’s all about balance right?

I’m an Aries and a Pitta in Ayurveda which equates to being energetic, independent, impulsive, driven and often impatient.

Connect with me on Insta so I can get to know you.