Holistic Luxe Living

conscious living

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito - Dalai Lama

〰️ Holistic Luxe Living is all about living a low tox and low waste life filled with rituals and routines, bringing joy into everyday actions. It's about spending less time on autopilot and more time consciously creating your life. The products and rituals I feature encourage slow living and enhance self-care practices, a curation of the tools and actions that bring me joy.

We’re all working towards being and doing better for ourselves and our planet. Whatever is right for you, you choose. There are no judgments here, I ask that you do the same in return. All are welcome, no matter what stage you are at or how you found your way here.


food & home

Everyday low tox and low waste staples with everyday impacts.


beauty cabinet

From skincare to makeup, all of your low tox and low waste beauty cabinet needs.


personal care

Low tox and low waste bathroom items to keep you as fresh as a daisy.



Achievable ways to reduce your impact on the earth and how to correctly recycle and reuse what you have.


routine to ritual

Finding pleasure in the mundane.