5 easy bathroom swaps


〰️ Moving towards a low tox and low waste bathroom

  1. Toothpaste

Full disclosure, most natural versions aren’t going to give you that super frothy texture that commercial toothpaste does because it’s a chemical that causes it to do so. It still foams a little, some more than others but you just adjust.

Low tox swap

Grants mint toothpaste available at Woolworths for $3.29 - that’s the same price or cheaper than some Colgate toothpaste. I love this toothpaste. It’s Australian made, natural and such an easy swap that my hubby happily used it without any complaint.

Low waste swap

DIY recipe here. Not for the faint heartened.

2. Toothbrush

The first toothbrush you ever used still exists in a landfill somewhere and that’s because they are mostly made of plastic.

Low tox & waste swap:

Grab yourself a bamboo toothbrush. In all honesty, I think they are pretty much all similar so just grab the first one you can get your hands on. You can typically find them at most health food stores.

The bristles will be plastic unfortunately as there hasn’t been a good solution that holds its shape and is up to the job. Just pull them out when you’re done and compost the rest of the toothbrush when it’s worn out.

3. Body & hand wash

Low tox swap:

I love Dr Bronner’s liquid soap it smells good (I go the rose) and lasts an incredibly long time as they are a concentrate so you only need the smallest amount..

Zero waste swap:

For an Eco-friendly option I personally use the Church Farm General Store soaps that just have some paper wrapped around them. They smell incredible and I like that some have a grainy texture to them but be warned they go pretty fast.

I typically cut mine in half and use one before the other in the shower, it just prolongs them a little more. You could also use half in the shower and half for the sink. Dr Bronner also does a bar soap wrapped in paper, they last much longer but don’t feel as luxurious to me but they are cheaper and last longer admittedly.

You could also, as always fill up an old container with liquid soap from a bulk food store just be sure it contains no nasties.

4. Toilet paper

Low tox & waste swap:

My absolute hands down favourite is Who gives a crap. I wrote an entire post about them here.

Why do I love them?

No inks, dyes or scents

It’s Australian owned

Made of recycled paper

They donate 50% of profits to sanitary projects in developing countries

An alternative option is a brand called Safe which ticks all the same boxes but doesn’t donate to charity but is in fact cheaper.

5. Cotton buds

Low tox & waste swap:

Go Bamboo cotton buds are a Kiwi company. The buds are made from bamboo and cotton and come in a simple cardboard box. I pick mine up from my local health food store but they can sometimes be a little tricker to find so I stock up when I do.

As always, don’t forget, the most sustainable way to change your bathroom products is to use what you have first then replace when you next shop.