My kitchen staples


〰️ My current low tox & low waste favourite kitchen supplies

Practical, yet chic.

Let’s face it, no one loves washing and cleaning up in the kitchen. It’s a chore that not many of us want and on top of that, we are often using products with heavy chemicals that soak into our skin, settle onto our plates and glasses that we eat from.

Then there is the eco side of things, synthetic fabrics with small particles trickling down the drain into our waterways and eventually into the ocean. Most people also frequently change their cleaning cloths and rubber gloves (if you have sensitive skin or are above 50) so you can imagine there is quite a bit going into landfill in that respect.

I must admit changing over kitchen supplies happened a little later in my transition but let's face it, its just not as sexy as changing your body was or makeup. They are however equally important as you essentially end of eating what you wash with, when you clean your plates in a detergent it settles on the surface and then you pop food on it that you then consume or drink from. It’s one of those visibly hidden things it is better to be mindful of.


Low Tox

My current favourite brand is Koala Eco, here’s why:

Beautiful packaging

Smells incredible

Made in Australia

For every item sold they donate a percentage to the charity One Percent for the Planet.

Low waste

My favourite kitchen cleaning tools currently are from Eco Coconut, here’s why:

Completely plastic-free product including shipping packaging and labels

The handles are made from FSC accredited timber

The bristles are made from coconut husk