DIY: All purpose cleaning spray


〰️ Simple and dirt cheap cleaning

Using just 3 ingredients.

Main Image by Daiga Ellaby

Cleaning products, I was always perplexed when I’d roam the cleaning aisle of the supermarket. So many products to choose from, so many bright fluorescent ugly plastic bottles.

I’m going to take all the confusion and trouble out of deciding what to pick and instead show you the easiest recipe ever. Seriously, it is so ridiculously easy.

What you need

Get yourself some vinegar - the cheap white stuff, not the apple cider kind.

Water - ideally purified but plain old tap water will do

Citrus scraps - Lemon, lime or orange

How to make it

  1. Dunk your citrus scraps in a glass jar and cover with vinegar. Leave soaking for a week at a minimum but the longer the better. All the oils from the peels will seep out into the vinegar.

  2. Strain the fruit scraps out of the vinegar

  3. Dilute the remaining vinegar with water at a ratio of 50/50

Voila! Holy smokes it really is that simple.

P.S If you’ve got some stubborn spots you’ve left a little too long, simply throw on a little bicarb soda alongside the spray. With a bit of elbow grease, they’ll be gone in seconds.