Moving towards minimalism


More with less

A mindset change.

〰️ Like most people I watched the documentary Minimalism and instantly wanted to start cleaning out my cupboards. Marie Kondo soon followed and I was hooked. Hooked on having less stuff, more space but it was more than that. Because I started to really carefully choose the things I did buy, I surrounded myself with only things I really loved and therefore treasured. Because I was buying much less, I was willing to start spending a little more and buy more investment quality pieces. I found that my having less I appreciated everything so much more and the everyday mundane items I would use from soap to mugs became little pleasures as I enjoyed using them so much more.

To me, minimalism isn't about owning nothing and not being able to buy anything, it is about carefully curating your belongings, buying things you love and enjoying those things much much more. It sounds really so simple, almost too simple to make an impact, but this approach really has brought me so much more joy.

Look around.
All that clutter used to be money.
All that money used to be time.
— Source unkown, discovered via @sustainable.simply

Getting started

Stop impulse buying

Easier said then done I know! This was the toughest one for me so when I see something I love I take a photo of it and the price if I’m in a store, save the item post from IG to dedicated IG shopping folder or email myself the link if it’s on a website. I then wait at least a week if not a month to see if I’m still thinking about the item. If I am, I can easily find it again without any stress. Most of the time though I completely forget about it altogether, sometimes within just hours.

Ask yourself if you’re going to use/ wear it in a year or two.

This helps to filter out any of the items that are more trend lead and that I will no doubt be sick of in a short space of time. It also makes me think about the quality and durability of the item, cheap and nasty fabric? that’s not going to last the test of time.

Does it bring you joy?

I always ask myself if I really need it or does it bring me joy and make me happy. This is a big one for me. Marie Kondo inspired of course. Another useful question my friend says she asks herself before buying anything is "Do I want to dust this for the rest of my life". Hilarious, but true. I have some beautiful items in my house that simply sit on display that I don’t use often but they make me smile every time I see them.

Put items on display

I try and put most items on display where I can see them so I remember what I have and can enjoy them. If they’re tucked away in the back of a wardrobe under a pile of clothes I’m never going to use or wear them. Marie Kondo can really help you here. In her approach, everything has a place which means knowing exactly what you have and where. Having items out of sight often means you accidentally purchase something similar or sometimes the exact same thing - we’ve all been there.

Seasonal or biannual clean out

Seasonally I do a big clear out and either donate items to charity or more often I put them out the front of my house with a big ‘free to a good home’ sign. When I do this, everything is literally gone in an hour or two. I like the joy that an unexpected free find on the street can bring someone and knowing it’s being enjoyed by someone new. For me Marie Kondo’ing my entire house at once was too overwhelming, I find a clean out more regularly more achievable and the change in seasons is an easy reminder it’s time.

In the end there are no rules and what works for each person will be different. Start simple and find what works for you!