The art of ritual


My current everyday rituals

To ground and balance.

〰️We aren’t always prepared for the chaotic times in our lives, often they creep up on us and surprise out of nowhere. For me having weekly routines are non-negotiable. Simple actions and rituals that help ground me. When I’m stressed, anxious, angry or just out of balance, I have my practice to rely on. Things that I know will calm me, ground me and balance me.

I used to think of going to Yoga as a way to keep healthy physically. What I’ve come to realise is, it’s also a stress release, mental and physical break for my sanity. When I became really stressed it was the one thing I was drawn too. A moment when I could simply focus on my breathing and connect to my body, switching off from the outside world.

My current daily rituals

Dry body brushing

More on that here.


More on that here.


Typically yoga, pilates or a walk in the park.


I use the Headspace App.

Find what works for you, start practising it regularly, so that when that moment of stress or anxiety rears its head you’ve got your routine to calm and ground you.